Kharkov LSSAH, Spring 1943
Last work of Alexander Zanker, a really nice work, as usual in him


Some photos of the excellent work of Andy Renshaw
on his
article of Scale Military Modeller International vol.46


Stunning Opel Blitz scene by Alexander Zanker
Thank you Alexander to send us these photos!!
Alexander used two Minor sets:
AVM35022 Tyre chains for German WWII 3ton truck
VMD35008 Workable leaf springs for German WWII 3 ton truck.
more info at

Mark Natola Miniart Bantam with Minor VMD35003 Complete detail set
Thank you Mark to share this fabulous work!!


Another great work of Mac Johnston.
 Another Tamiya Jeep, but this time with the Minor AVM35019 Light armoured Jeep set.
rewarded with the gold medal in the 2014 U.S. AMPS armor show, held in Virginia in April, in the Advanced Ability Level, Wheeled Vehicles.
You can read a complete build review of the Minor AVM35019 set posted on   WarWheels  .

Superb Miniart MB L-1500A by Massimo Cazzato.
With our tyre chains ref. AVM35029.

You can see more of his works here.


Tamiya Jeep with minor VMT35009 US Armoured recon WWII Jeep with SCR-193 radio set.
By Mac Johnston

With the collaboration of    WarWheels 

MB L3000 with snow plow by Paolo Totaro
still in construction. He used minor VMD35008 Workable leaf springs for German WWII 3 ton. truck, and
AVM35022 Tyre chains for German WWII 3 ton. truck.
Here some photos and links to Zimmerit and Armorama forums for more info and pics of this excellent work.


Zimmerit forum L3000 thread
Armorama forum L3000 thread

  Miniart's BA-64B, masterwork from Roman Yarlikov,
with our
VMD35013 Complete detail set for BA-64B  

see more pics inNice ModelsandPanzer-voran.rusites.