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1/35 SCR-193 radio set 3D printed, 351096

1/35 3D printed U.S. WWII radio accessories, 351097

1/35 3D printed M1919 0.30cal with pedestal for Jeep, 351114

1/35 3D printed cal 0.30 ammunition boxes, 351113

1/35 3D printed SCR-193 radio set with power take-off for Jeep, 353005

IJA Type 92 tank update set (352060)

New 1/35 wheels    22-08-10

New 1/48 stuff    22-08-10

New 1/35 & 1/24 wheel sets for WWII Jeep

New 1/24 wheel sets for Land Rover

BSM 1/35 Land Rover sII/III Deestone wheels (Italeri/Revell) New design

3D printed tracks for Kettenkraftrad (Tamiya) 1/35
3D printed winter tracks for kettenkraftrad (Tamiya) 1/35

1/24 Land Rover Deestone wheels (Italeri/&Revell))
1/24 Land Rover Deestone wheels with free wheel hubs (Italeri&Revell)
1/35 Land Rover military pattern wheels (Italeri)
1/35 Land Rover NATO patern wheels (Italeri)

3D printed tracks for Panzerkleinzerstörer "Rutscher" 1/35

We have put up for sale again 3D printed tracks for below kits
1/35 Kettenkraftrad (Dragon kit), winter tracks
1/35 Borgward IV ausf.A (Dragon)
1/35 Sd.Kfz.251 / Sd.Kfz.11 cast type (AFV & Dragon kits)
1/35 Steyr RSO (Dragon)

WWII British ambulance jeep conversion
for Tamiya kit (353020) or Meng kit (353021)

W35008 Land Cruiser military pattern tyres for Meng's kits


The VMD24002 Workable leaf springs for Land Rover LWB series set has been updated on its 2º edition

New scene from Alexander Zanker
Kharkov LSSAH, Spring 1943
click the pic to see the complete gallery

BA-64B complete detail set VMD35013 had been update with the addition of some small 3D printed parts.
Door hingues and the fuel filter are now 3D printed.

More pics of Alexander Zanker's work
Three scratchbuild figures added

New gallery photos from Andy Renshaws's article of Scale Military Modeller International vol.46
Thank you Andy!

Many thanks to Alexander Zanker to send us some pics of his stunning
Opel Blitz scene

see here

Mark Natola sent us some photos of his masterpiece
Miniart Bantam plus Minor VMD35003 Complete detail set
See the complete gallery, click here

I want to congratut
lae Mac Johnston as he wins a gold medal in the 2014 U.S. AMPS armor show,
held in Virginia this April, in the Advanced Ability Level, Wheeled Vehicles,
for his Tamiya Jeep with Minor AVM35019 Light armoured Jeep set.

You can read a complete build review of the Minor AVM35019 set posted on WarWheels .

Massimo Cazzato
send me this pics of his superb Miniart MB L-1500A
. He used our tyre chains ref. AVM35029.
You can see more of his works here.

New gallery: a masterwork of Roman Yarlikov:
BA-64B with our VMD35013 detail set.

You can see some pics in our Gallery page
or in Nice Models or Panzer-Voran sites.